Saving through soap--one bar at a time!

Many young people who live in Princeton, NJ face untold struggles. Rents are astronomically high and earning opportunities are low for those who have not yet completed their secondary or tertiary education. At the same time, it is the Spanish-speaking community that forms the backbone of so many businesses, from restaurants to landscaping. As a means to help support students with daily living expenses and save for college, Sol Feliz was established to challenge young people to think creatively about new ways of earning income while lessening our impact on the planet. It started with a classroom project to raise black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) in 2021, which culminated in a win for the National Grand Prize in the 2022 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Competition:

While this successful bid opened new opportunities, Sol Feliz retains its focus on supporting students in need with sustainable incomes through the production of sustainable products. The hope is that with fewer financial pressures, the most vulnerable students within the Princeton community will be able to rise to their fullest potential in college and beyond.